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Foo fighting with surrealism

I have started what is definitely my most ambitious artistic project to date. As a collaboration with 2 of my children, we are visually transcribing the Foo Fighters 2017 album, Concrete & Gold, into an 11 tile surrealism mural. I will try to share updates at various stages so you can see it build over time. It is our representation of key images that are induced from the music and lyrics of this album, tied together through a gold ribbon and concrete pathway that traverse the complete work.

Tiles 5, 6, & 7

Capture in the picture are the middle tiles of the artwork. Showing the beginning of the song La Dee Da, the completion of Dirty Water and the outline of Arrows.

Each tile is a 40cm x 30cm canvas, images rendered through soft pastels. I'll share more soon.

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